Press release – Lowlander stocked at Sainsbury’s as part of Taste of The Future brand shelf space

Netherlands botanical brewery, Lowlander Beer, is pleased to announce the launch of two new variants in the UK, Lowlander 0.3% IPA and Lowlander 4% Cool Earth Lager alongside its popular 0.00% Wit beer, available for the first time in Sainsbury’s from today for 16 weeks.

Sainsbury’s will be launching Lowlander 0.00% Wit, 0.3% IPA and 4% Cool Earth Lager in 330ml cans across 70 stores nationwide and online as part of its Taste of the Future initiative, trialling new and innovative products.

Chief Botanical Officer and Lowlander Founder, Frederik Kampman says, “We’re delighted to be introducing two new variants of our naturally delicious beers, as well as our zero-alcohol 0.00% Wit beer to Sainsbury’s customers through this exciting opportunity. Unusually, Lowlander Beer is botanically brewed, using similar herbs and spices to those used to make genever and gin. We believe the time is right to bring our refreshing beers to the Sainsbury’s audience, familiar with botanicals, as well as to lovers of top-quality beer and we’re thrilled to have been selected as one of their Taste of the Future brands.”

Joe Davies, Future Brands Origination and Development Executive at Sainsbury’s, added: “We are really excited to be working with Lowlander to bring their premium botanically brewed beers to a wider audience in the UK and know that our shoppers are continuing to look for innovative, premium beers made with natural ingredients.”

Find out more about all participating stores here.

Lowlander Beer at Sainsbury's