Press release – Tomatoes don’t own ketchup. Flavour does.

Echte Lowlander? Lees hier het Nederlandse bericht

Amsterdam, October 2020 – If you thought tomatoes own ketchup, try this one : the very first Cranberry Ketchup from the ‘Low Lands’. Lowlander brewery  – that’s right, the one that brews naturally delicious, botanical beers – discovered that the main ingredient of their latest Autumn Ale, the Terschellinger Cranberry, is used as an ingredient for just about everything, except for a ketchup. While we owe the tasty condiment to Dutch sailors. Just like Lowlander’s botanical beers (inspired by the trade and travel history of The Netherlands) , so this time the brewer didn’t bottle beer but ketchup.  With tart and fruity,  organic Terschellinger Cranberries, a good pinch of warming spices and of course a splash of Autumn Ale. A limited number of 250 bottles is available through the Lowlander webshop.

Annemieke, ambassador for beer & food pairing at Lowlander: “Looking for the tastiest autumn dishes to pair with our Autumn Ale – brewed with cranberries and ginger – we came across a long list of cranberry products; from gin and vinegar to sweets and herb butter. We were aware of the trading history of ke-tsjap, a condiment made of pickled fish and spices that was brought from China by Dutch sailors in the 17th century. When we also discovered that the original recipe of the well-known tomato ketchup contained alcohol, we soon found ourselves in the kitchen: to make the very first cranberry ketchup in the Lowlander. With a splash of Autumn Ale, of course. ”

Lowlander Craberry Ketchup: Hand-filled, labeled and numbered

The tart and fruity cranberry – of course harvested from the Dutch island Terschelling – plays the leading role in the ketchup recipe. Spices such as allspice, cloves, mustard flower and ginger provide a hint of autumnal warmth and a good splash of Lowlander Autumn Ale adds a subtle carbonation. The 250 bottles of Lowlander Cranberry Ketchup were cooked in big pans, bottled by hand and numbered; a truly unique item!

Lowlander Cranberry Ketchup The Holy Kauw Company

With chefs Arno & Mireille in The Holy Kauw Company kitchen.

Cooking with ketchup

Annemieke: “Being Dutch we obviously tried the ketchup with a grilled cheese ‘tosti’. But you can also cook with the ketchup; try our meatball stew, or a soup. It’s the season of plenty. In a bottle!”

Lowlander Cranberry Ketchup is available in an edition of only 250 bottles in the Lowlander webshop for € 9.95 each. Tasting alongside a glass of Lowlanders Autumn Ale of course completes the tasting experience; a gift set with 2 beers, a glass and the bottle of ketchup is available at € 15.99.  The recipes Lowlander developed using its Cranberry Ketchup can be found on the Lowlander beer & food pairing page.