Press release – Botanical brewer Lowlander presents their first national Out of Home campaign to introduce consumers to the power of botanicals and increase brand awareness. The 360° Botanical Explosion campaign, created by PHD media, is visible through the whole country on digital screens, via proximity marketing and in-store communication.  


botanical explosion rages through the country

After six years Lowlander is the second largest independent craft beer brand in The Netherlands. With extended distribution from Groningen to Maastricht, it’s about time to introduce the consumer, via a large national campaign, with the botanical flavours of herbs, spices and fruit which make Lowlander beers so unique.

“Based on research and many years of experience we know that botanicals create beers full of flavour and we’ve learned that botanicals are also highly appreciated by the consumer; 95% of the consumers have heard of botanicals and 84% agreed that food and beverages made with botanicals give a naturally delicious flavor. That’s why we see this campaign as an opportunity to encourage the consumer, especially during springtime, to experience the explosion of botanical flavours and learn more about Lowlander” according to Chief Botanical Officer Frederik Kampman.

The 360° Botanical Explosion campaign is displayed on billboards throughout the whole country with a total reach of 6 million media impressions. Next to that, the campaign is targeted at consumers close to a bar, restaurant, or store who have Lowlander in their assortment via proximity advertisement. To give consumers the full experience, Lowlander will join several events and organize special tastings in bars and restaurants. Finally, the campaign can also be found in-store via displays and point of sale material.