Press release – After the holidays, more than 2.5 million Christmas trees end up on the streets every year, which is a huge shame and causes a lot of extra waste. With the Treecycle Program, Lowlander Botanical Beers offers an opportunity to do something about this, calling on all Dutchies not to dump their Christmas tree along the road, but to hand it in on January 7th at participating bars & restaurants across the country. Lowlander uses these Christmas trees to brew a new batch of Winter I.P.A.. What’s more: when you hand in a Christmas tree, you’ll receive a free bottle of Winter I.P.A. in return.

The Treecycle Program

With the Treecycle Program, Lowlander offers Christmas trees a second life by brewing their Winter I.P.A. with the tips and needles of discarded trees. Everyone can support the Treecycle mission by handing in their Christmas tree on Friday, January 7th at one of the Treecycle points across the country. As a thank you, you will receive a Lowlander Winter I.P.A. in return. Do you also want to give your Christmas tree a new destination after Christmas? Through the Treecycle locator at you can see which bars and restaurants are participating, on which you can immediately register for a location and time of your choice.


How it all started

The idea of ​​doing something with discarded Christmas trees started in January 2018. During a New Year’s walk through Amsterdam, Lowlander Chief Botanical Officer Frederik Kampman saw streets filled with Christmas trees. When it became clear that over 2.5 million Christmas trees are thrown away every year after the holidays, the idea was born to brew beer with it. Herbs, spices and fruit are at the core of each botanically brewed Lowlander beer, so a beer made from spruce needles hand-picked from  Christmas trees turned out to be a good addition. One simple call on social medialed to thousands of applications, which eventually resulted in rescuing 150 Christmas trees  The Treecycle Program was born.


“From Waste to Taste”

The Treecycle Program perfectly matches Lowlander’s goal to become Nature Positive by 2030. The botanical brewer believes that a little bit of Dutch ingenuity combined with the power of nature creates endless possibilities. Frederik explains: “Although we know that we cannot solve the ‘waste’ problem alone, as a botanical brewer we gladly take our responsibility in creating the necessary awareness. By cooking and brewing with discarded Christmas trees, we can actually let people see and taste  how much flavour comes from this natural residual flow. This way we turn ‘taste’ into ‘waste’ together.”


About the Lowlander Winter I.P.A.

The Winter I.P.A. is brewed with spruce needles from recycled Christmas trees. The hand-picked and preserved needles give the Winter I.P.A. aromas that will remind you of a wintery walk in nature. The beer has a hoppy citrus character, is surprisingly refreshing and brightens up the dark days. By experimenting with such a versatile ingredient as spruce needles and combining them with juniper berries, Lowlander has managed to capture the taste of winter in a bottle.