Forget what you know about ginger beer, this is an actual brewed Ginger & Kaffir Lime Botanical Infusion.

Brewing the perfect ginger beer has been a quest for over a year . We worked through over 7 different test batches and tried to deduce the most effective way to coax out that beautiful citrus, woody and delicious hit of ginger whilst preserving the satisfying burn you get at the back of your throat from a traditional ginger soft drink, without adding loads of sugar. And even more important: actually have it brewed.  

Fresh, dried, extract and oil; kilos of natural ginger made its way into the final kettle so it’s fair to say this knobby root is the hero of this Botanical Infusion. Subtle bitterness, depth and a zingy ginger foundation come from fresh and dried root. Ginger oil and even more fresh ginger add the recognizable heat.

We subtly placed some extra flavours on top including exotic kaffir lime leaves. They have an aroma and flavour unlike any other citrus. With its distinct hints of lemon, lime, mandarin and floral accents kaffir lime gives our botanical infusion that refreshing zesty citrus flavour.

To enhance the kick of this ginger infusion we cold brewed crushed green cardamom pods, giving the beer its sharp, perfum-like notes.Last but not least, elegant Darjeeling tea adds subtle bitterness; musky spiciness is another perfect match with the ginger.

Lowlander Ginger & Kaffir Lime
A 2,5% botanically brewed infusion of ginger,
kaffir lime & cardamom, Darjeeling tea & wheat beer.

The Curious Kick

As the Dutch traded spices the world over, they
discovered that ginger was the secret zing that gave
food in the east its curious kick.

Our aromatic and curious blend fuses the exotic notes
of ginger, kaffir lime, cardamom and Darjeeling tea into
a spicy refreshing blend that can tame the heat of the
hottest of days.


We also brewed Lowlander Yuzu & Grapefruit, the freshest Botanical Infusion ever! Lowlander’s Botanical Infusions are available in our webshop and as of today will make their way into bars, bottle shops & delis across the Lowlands.

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