Nowadays bottle shops are bursting with the most beautiful beer bottle labels in a variety of shapes and sizes, all fighting for consumers attention. Dutch Schuim Magazine went on a quest on the crowded craft beer shelf and found our Lowlander I.P.A. to be the best label design of the Lowlands!

Lowlander I.P.A. Best Label Design

Schuim Magazine: “a good label design is more than just pretty. It also has to be original, recognisable and functional. We have reviewed all 84 entries against legal requirements as well.”

The jury, consisting of both graphic designers and professionals from the beer industry, named our design “retro, with a nod to the past”. They awarded our label with The Golden Bottle because of its originality and functionality, but above all because of how the label stands out on the shelf, being part of a consistent serie of labels.

Inspired by some of the great gin bottle designs we wanted to give Lowlander a similar feel to make it look as it does now. We are extremely thankful to our Irish friends at Drinksology for helping us with that. This Golden Bottle award, as well as the Supreme Design & Packaging Trophy we won back in 2016 at the International Beer Awards, we owe entirely to them!

Lowlander Indonesian Pale Ale

So what’s a monkey got to do with our I.P.A.?

Well, the English went to India, the Dutch went to Indonesia. We found coriander seeds, ‘ketoembar’ in Indonesian. Returning from the east, Dutch seafarers would often bring back monkeys, which they would sell to tavern-keepers to pay off drinking debts. Our Indonesian Pale Ale is a tribute to those sailors’ spirit of adventure and quick thinking.

Beer Awards

Beer competitions are incredibly important to us as winning an award gives us the confirmation that we are on the right track and that our approach of brewing with botanicals is being recognised as something of quality.

In a short space of time we have been fortunate to receive awards at Dutch Beer Challenge, World Beer Awards, London International Beer Awards and The Beer Awards. This recognition might be a reason to open a Lowlander and celebrate but definitely doesn’t mean we sit back and relax. It even makes us more driven to create good quality beers full of flavour.

Lowlander Beer Awards Recognitions

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