Amsterdam based brewer Lowlander Beer is crossing borders to open up the minds (and palates) of like- minded explorers across Europe. After a successful kick-off in “the Lowlands”, United Kingdom, Finland, Ireland and Denmark Lowlander will set foot in Germany.

The brewer of botanical beers will launch at Bar Convent Berlin on the 10th and 11th of October – the bar and beverage industry’s leading international trade fair – and invites you to meet their crew and have a sip together.

Botanicals, Beertails & Bravery in Berlin

Beertails – cocktails made with beer – are now popping up on menus at more bars and events across the globe. After two successful Beertail Industry Nights in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, Lowlander will host the “Botanicals, Beertails & Bravery” seminar during Bar Convent Berlin on Tuesday 10th at 5pm (demo bar E).
They have teamed up with Danil Nevsky from Cocktails For You, the world’s largest bartending community, and Artem Skapenko, founder of Kiev based Loggerhead Bar, to tell all about the history
of beertails and to demonstrate how bartenders can take the concept of beertails to their own bars.

Lowlander’s range of botanical beers

Lowlander White Ale – 5% ABV: Inspired by the witbier style of beer so popular in the Lowlands but with a bit of a twist. Our While Ale is spiked with Curaçao orange peel, elderflower and chamomile. Refreshing and crisp with a fruity, flowery finish.

Lowlander Pale Ale – 4.5% ABV: Inspired by the early Dutch settlers in New Amsterdam now known as New York. Brewed with blood orange, grapefruit and sumac, to create a zesty and highly sessionable Pale Ale with a slight bitterness & malty finish.

Lowlander IPA – 6% ABV: Inspired by Dutch expeditions to the Far East. Indonesian as opposed to Indian, our IPA uses coriander and white tea to give it that true IPA hoppy-bitterness, but with a unique citrusy freshness and spicy aromatic note.

Lowlander Poorter – 6% ABV: Inspired by the ‘poorter’s’ that would haul exotic botanicals from the dockside into Amsterdam warehouses. Brewed with aromatic liquorice root and vanilla to deliver a robust Poorter with sweetness and depth.

We happily invite you to our booth (4/M16) at Bar Convent Berlin. Get in touch to schedule a sip of Lowlander Beer together; our crew is looking forward to meeting you there!

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