What do the Buddha, King Tut and Napoleon all supposedly have in common? They’re all great fans of licorice of course. We also happen to be great fans here at Lowlander and love how it adds such depth of flavour to our dark yet refreshing Poorter. We refine this traditionally hearty brew with a heady hit of vanilla too, making for a uniquely sweet finish.

Often touted in ancient societies as an effective way to quench your thirst, licorice was a godsend for the long marches soldiers often had to endure. Alexander the Great demanded it be in every one of his soldiers’ artillery. The Roman army swiftly followed suit after the scholar Pliny found that it not only alleviated thirst, but hunger as well. Most incredibly, the Scythians were allegedly able to go without water for twelve days if they chewed on the sweet root..! While we may not be entirely convinced by this, we are totally assured in the way the deep earthy sweetness of the licorice fortifies the body of our most robust beer.

It’s no secret that the Lowlanders love liquorice or ‘drop’ as we call it here. We are the greatest consumers of the sweet stuff worldwide with an average of 2kg per person annually. It was a no-brainer then to include this much-loved root in our most characteristically Dutch beer, the Poorter. It’s deep earthy sweetness creates the body to our most hardy beer which is complemented by an aromatic dash of vanilla.