The bouquet of lime leaf leaves is one of a kind, with an aroma and flavour unlike any other leaf. With its distinct hints of lemon, lime and floral accents it perfectly balances the spicy ginger in our Botanical Infusion.

Fresh, dried or frozen: Asian cuisine lavishly sprinkles lime leaf leaves over numerous dishes. The leaves have an aroma and flavour unlike any other citrus. Hard to describe, yet very recognisable. Think of fresh Thai green curries or a comforting Indonesian soto ajam and you probably know what we mean. The flavour of lime leaf takes you to exotic places in an instant.

This botanical has been on our radar for a while now and turned out to be the perfect partner in crime of ginger. It lifts the high spicy notes while adding that refreshing, zesty citrus flavour we were looking for.

The lime leaf is a tree of unknown origin, nowadays cultivated in southeast Asia but also Suriname. The fruit of the tree, the knobby lime leaf, is the little brother of the lime as we know it. Unlike many other citrus fruits, the leaves of is the main harvest.

Because of its strong, almost perfumy flavour we add just the right amount of leaves to the kettle and cold brew it to create our aromatic blend of ginger, lime leaf, cardamom and Darjeeling tea. A spicy, refreshing Botanical Infusion that can tame the heat of the hottest of days.

Curious about the taste of lime leaf? Try our Ginger & Lime Leaf Botanical Infusion.

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