It’s time to say goodbye to 2017, an adventurous year here at Lowlander Beer. The Z might be for a long night of sleep, but [...]

Y is for…..

A special shout out to our super star intern Yochanan. And to Yvonne, Yara, Yoel, Yanis, Yann, Yasmin, Yvette, Yona, Yolanda and everyone else who’s [...]

Xpedition Lowlander

Strolling around the historical centre of Amsterdam, if you look carefully, you will be able to discover some really intriguing stories and facts on each [...]

Visit Us

Until we have that long-cherished Botanical Brew Kitchen restaurant, you can find us at our spiritual home: the Maker Store in De Hallen, where you [...]

Thank You Una

Setting up your own business with just a credit card in your back pocket is not easy. Having worked in gin and spirits we’ve learned [...]

T is for Team

From the start of this year we went from one Lowlander to a team of six. Our diverse backgrounds as brewers, bartenders, distillers and foodies both [...]

Q is for Quirky

At the start of Lowlander Beer, when we were researching recipes and looking at ship logs to retrace what might have come back to the [...]

M is for Michel

Once we had developed our very first recipes back in 2015 we started looking for a brewing partner who could help us brew the first [...]

K is for Kopstoot

The ‘kopstoot’ (kɔpstot) - or “head butt” in English - is the most sophisticated way of enjoying a shot and a beer. This Dutch century [...]