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Lowlander Botanical Dinner Creative Chef
Botanisch Diner in de tuin van Het Smaakmuseum met chef Jasper Udink ten Cate
20 July 2017

De door Lowlander gelanceerde serie van botanische diners start begin augustus in de tuin van Het Smaakmuseum. Creative Chef Jasper Udink…

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Lowlander Botanical Dinner Series
Lowlander Beer Launches International Botanical Dinner Series
12 July 2017

Lowlander is embarking on a travelling Botanical Dinner Series across the Netherlands, United Kingdom and beyond, to open the minds (and…

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Crushing on Coriander
9 July 2017

Pre-dating human civilization itself, the coriander plant has an impressive history that can be traced as far back as 5000 BC-…

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Lowlander beer food pairing
Beer & Food Pairing
7 July 2017

Beer and food other than pizza or a burger might not be the first choice for most, but a whole new…

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Brewing With Botanicals Is The Future
30 June 2017

Brewing with botanicals is the future. According to global market research and insight provider Mintel the future is plant-powered, with healthier lifestyles…

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Lowlander Beer Botanicals Grapefruit
Forbidden Grapefruit
3 May 2017

The grapefruit might never have made it into our Pale Ale if it hadn’t been for Captain Shaddock, a 17th century English…

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Lowlander_botanicals_blood orange
Bloody Blood Orange
21 April 2017

Just like an ordinary orange, this beautiful fruit is round and fresh, but there the similarities end. The blood orange we…

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Lowlander American Pale Ale
Round of kolf, anyone?
9 April 2017

Our Pale Ale is a nod to our American cousins. A refreshing and easy drinking beer brewed with blood orange, grapefruit…

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Lowlander Beer Botanicals Sumac
Citrusy Sumac
8 April 2017

You might have heard of sumac before: either because your parents listened to the kitschy voice of singer Yma Sumac back…

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Silver for our White Ale at Dutch Beer Challenge 2017
6 April 2017

“Winning at Dutch Beer Challenge 2017! It feels like we have only just set off on our journey but to be…

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