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Lowlander Beer Brewed With Botanicals
Brewing With Botanicals Is The Future – Part 2
14 February 2018

Botanical brewing is the future What comes to mind when you think of spices such as ginger and cinnamon? Or botanicals…

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Lowlander Beer Tap Handles
The History Of The Beer Tap Handle
13 February 2018

What is the first thing you do when you sit down at a bar? Probably it is scanning what’s on tap…

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Lowlander Beer Cheers Proost
31 December 2017

It’s time to say goodbye to 2017, an adventurous year here at Lowlander Beer. The Z might be for a long…

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Y is for
Y is for…..
30 December 2017

A special shout out to our super star intern Yochanan. And to Yvonne, Yara, Yoel, Yanis, Yann, Yasmin, Yvette, Yona, Yolanda…

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Lowlander Beer Expedition
Xpedition Lowlander
29 December 2017

Strolling around the historical centre of Amsterdam, if you look carefully, you will be able to discover some really intriguing stories…

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Lowlander Beer Awards
W is for Winning at World Beer Awards
28 December 2017

The World Beer Awards are considered to be one of the most highly regarded beer competitions in, well this is easy,…

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Lowlander Beer Visit Us
Visit Us
27 December 2017

Until we have that long-cherished Botanical Brew Kitchen restaurant, you can find us at our spiritual home: the Maker Store in…

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Lowlander Beer Design Drinksology
Thank You Una
26 December 2017

Setting up your own business with just a credit card in your back pocket is not easy. Having worked in gin…

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Lowlander Beer Team
T is for Team
25 December 2017

From the start of this year we went from one Lowlander to a team of six. Our diverse backgrounds as brewers, bartenders,…

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Lowlander Beer Speculaas Winter Ale
S is for Speculaas
24 December 2017

Speculaas is undoubtedly one of our most used words and eaten cookies over the past few months. The initial idea was…

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