Amsterdam, May 2018 – Amsterdam based botanical brewer Lowlander Beer sets sail to open-up the minds (and palates) of like-minded explorers across Europe and beyond. After a successful kick-off in “The Lowlands” just over two years ago, Lowlander Beer is now setting foot in Berlin,Manchester, London,Hong Kong and Dutch Antilles to continue its exciting journey. 

Lowlander Beer Brewed With BotanicalsBrewing with botanicals

Based in Amsterdam, historically the home of brewing with botanicals, we started off by brewing differently: with herbs and spices, to give extra flavour and character to our beers. The unique stories of trade and travel on each bottle and its design are inspired by the world of gin and genever distilling; their use of botanicals and the world of cocktails just fascinateus.We are proud to be one of the fastest growing beers in the Netherlands and with the incredible feedback from consumers and trade on our beers we have decided to expand internationally.

European adventures

At Lowlander Beer we are on a mission to broaden the horizons of beer. Our recently joined International Explorer Jasper Foppele says: “we are determined to put the Lowlands back on the map for great tasting beer; one bottle, one bar, one city at the time”.

Starting with a successful market launch in Berlin, Germany’s epicentre for the craft beer scene and the perfect city to introduce our innovative botanical beers. With over 25 new listings in just 3 months, our Brand Ambassador Jimmy Gremillon-Merry for is responsible for increasing our footprint in Berlin and beyond. In cooperation with Bierlinie, a specialized craft beer distributor based in Berlin, Lowlander Beer is available in high-end bars, restaurants, hotels and retail such as Immertreu, R/D Coffee and Craft Beer Store, Altes Mädchen (Hamburg), Sofitel Kudamm, Katz Orange and KaDeWe.

In the United Kingdom we continue to build momentum in London and Manchester building on existing nationwide listingswith The Alchemist and premium retailer Harvey Nichols. New high-end bars such as The Gibsonand The Nightjar confirmed listings of Lowlander beer including the use of ourbeersinbeertails.Together with the London and Manchester Brand Ambassadors we are recruiting at this moment, we will make further inroads in this exciting market.

Exploring the world

We are very excited to announce our very first steps into the Asian market with our recently signed distribution agreement in Hong Kong. Our partner Artisanal Spirits covers a portfolio of handcrafted, small batch botanical drinks made by artisanal distilleries; we are proud to be their first beerin their portfolio. Together we will launch Lowlander Beer in high-end venues across the gastronomic capital of Hong Kong.

Last but not least Lowlander Beer can now also be enjoyed during sunset on the Dutch Antilles as we have signed an exclusive partnership with Distribier; a premium beverage import and distribution company based in Willemstad, Curacao. Lowlander Beer is available in selected bars & restaurants across the islands of Curacao,Aruba and Bonaire.

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