How to select a tasty craft beer?

At Lowlander, we encourage our people to hop on the bandwagon and explore a different beer, but how to select a beer that suits you best..

Selecting the right Lowlander Beer

From hoppin in and out of bars we have noticed that beer selections are huge nowadays! To select a tasty craft beer is becoming a true art form practiced only by few.

To help you on your next bar encounter, we want to give you some use full tips to select a beer that suits you best!

If you are someone that loves to explore different type of beers, but hates the disappointment of pour recommendation. Do you think all craft beers look the same? And have you encountered a beer list that confuses more than informs.. well here we go with 5 tips how to select and enjoy a tasty craft beer

1. The Beer List

If you come in to a bar and ask for what’s good, you are on a road to failure. Exceptions made, service staff is usually busy running around and will most likely always recommend the first beer to mind. Something on tap, or beers that are close to expiration date.. Always start by asking the beer menu. Great menus have taste descriptions or at least describe taste. Remember: beer = bitter. However, there are different levels of bitterness, for your first beer, try to discover a beer that is not overly bitter like a White Ale.

2. Ask Your Bartender! (no, not the waiter… sorry guys)

If the menu doesn’t tell you much, or they have a large chalk board behind the bar go for the next best thing: Ask the bartender. Make sure to skip the waitress (see 1). Try to find a bartender that is passionate about craft-beers and is willing to recommend you one. Please be careful with taking advice though. Imagine going to a Chinese take out and asking the man behind the counter for a spicy dish.. When it comes to beer, you can risk an overly bitter or complex beer.. make sure to let him or her know you are looking for something tasty!

3. Divide and Conquer

Don’t go into a bar alone, make sure to get your friends involved in your journey. If you take different beers you can cover twice as much beer.  Bounce some ideas back and forth and go for the second one. Try to stay away from going back to what you know.. Get out there and explore!

Lowlander Beer Tasting

4. Think about your palate

The order in which you taste beers is SUPER IMPORTANT. As you’ve probably learned in elementary you have different taste buds each responsible to observe different flavours such as; sweet, sour, salt, bitter, and umami. If you overpower your taste buds by drinking a beer that has too much of one flavour you will overpower your palate which makes the drinking experience very unpleasant… it literally tells your brain YAK! And makes you want to switch beverage.Therefor, It is important to warm up your taste buds with a more balance beer. (again, don’t start super bitter, warm up in to it)

We recommend to start slowly with a white ale, or an aromatic beer like the Lowlander IPA, before you move in to the heavy stuff..

5. Remember your favourites.

If you’ve discovered something new, make sure to share your experiences with your friends. There are some terrible beers out there, make sure not to choose pour beers twice.. Also, give credits to the brewer and the distillery. Craft beers are crafted by hand.. and passionate brewers have invested heavily to bring you a beer they deem fit. #Hashtag and you’re done!

Finally, some words on taste

Personally we believe that taste is personal, therefor we cannot recommend the same beer for everyone. Some like bitter over sweet and the other way around. However, we always encourage to try! Our range of Lowlander Beers are carefully brewed, each with a distinctive range of botanicals setting it apart from your traditional brew.

Lowlander Beer Flight

At lowlander we believe that it is as important to enjoy your favourite beer as it is to try a range of different beers.

Lowlander Beer Line-up

The Lowlander Beer Flight starts with a refreshing White Ale, the Lowlander White Ale is brewed with white tea and curacao orange peels. Secondly we recommend to try the IPA, the Lowlander IPA is brewed with 2 highly aromatic botanicals; coriander and white tea. And finally a well-balanced and smooth Lowlander Poorter, brewed with Vanilla and Liquorice.

If you have tasted a Lowlander beer before please leave a comment and let us know what you think.