Today it’s the 1st of July, half of 2020 is over. It also marks the day that bars and restaurants in the Lowlands, the rest of Europe and beyond can re-open their doors to welcome guests for a drink and some food.

how covid-19 impacted US

These first 6 months have been very challenging and personally I feel a year older and wiser. Hence at Lowlander we have decided to clearly mark the end of this first half year of 2020 and celebrate a new half year with popping some of our very own champagne inspired Lowlander Botanical Brut, singing along to ABBA’s Happy New Year and light some sparklers.


Lowlander Botanical BrutOf course that felt odd, and not just because we had 31+ degrees of sunshine as opposed to freezing snow. No, also because we closed a chapter no one saw coming when 2020 started. Facing some “smaller” health concerns within our own team and some more serious instances with family, friends, customers and suppliers directly around us.

Despite that the past months following the lockdown we have lost a big chunk of our bar & restaurant business we have also proven to be resilient by finding new ways to get our botanical beers in the hands of our fans. As a team we made the commitment to come out of this crisis together and stronger and looking back I can now say we have done exactly that.


Happy New (half) year

So: today, on the 1st of July we say; Happy New (half) Year to you all and best wishes for the (half) year to come!

We hope that all of you stay healthy and your New Years resolutions will come true. Mine for one is to keep broadening your horizons with some exciting new Lowlander beers to be announced soon.