Grow Your Own Garnish


1.Pick up your free Grow Your Own Garnish kit at a participating bar close to you.


2. Register your #lowlanderbeer #growyourowngarnish project on this page and receive a voucher.


3. Plant the organic mint seeds in the recycled tea bag to Grow Your Own Garnish.


4. Redeem your free lightly alcoholic botanical Lowlander beer, garnished with your own-grown mint!

Echte Lowlander? Hier vind je de Nederlandse Grow Your Own pagina.

Lowlander Grow Your Own Kit

The grow bags are made in India from recycled tea bags that would otherwise be burnt or sent to landfill. Since tea is a key ingredient in both of our lightly alcoholic botanical beers, it made sense to us to support initiatives that recycle the by-products of the tea industry.

The bag contains approx. 1 litre of organic soil that has been treated with a specially cultivated, slow-releasing plant food to ensure perfect growing conditions for your seeds. This means that for the first four weeks you just have to water the seeds.

The Grow Your Own Garnish kit comes with enough organic mint seeds to grow several tasty plants. Not green-fingered? Don’t worry: mint is a hardy herb and the attached step-by-step instructions make growing it really easy.

After all, you’re not growing any old garnish – you’re reserving your mint for a Lowlander Botanical Beer. Stick the plant marker into the soil to remind yourself that, if you look after your mint, there’ll be a delicious free drink waiting for you and your garnish.


Welcome to the Lowlander greenhouse. As botanical brewers, we’re happiest when surrounded by the herbs, plants and spices that make our beers so deliciously different. We brew with botanicals to pack as much natural flavour as possible into each bottle, and when it comes to choosing botanical combinations, we take our time to get it right.

With our lightly alcoholic botanical beers, we dialled down the alcohol content to bring out the heat and zing of ginger, kaffir-lime leaves and Darjeeling tea, and the citrus smack of yuzu, pink grapefruit and Earl Grey tea. More characterful than a soft drink, more refreshing than a beer, Lowlander’s ‘Botanical Infusions’ are something different. That’s why we believe they should be served differently: in a tumbler with a fresh-mint garnish, whose aromatics prime your senses and highlight the citrus notes of each botanical beer.

Here at Lowlander, we have fun with botanicals, and we thought you might like to do the same. That’s why this spring, at participating bars across the Netherlands and the UK, we’re giving away kits to Grow Your Own Garnish. Once you’ve grown enough mint for a garnish, we’ll give you an extra-special Lowlander treat with which to make the perfect sunny-weather serve.



Want to get growing? Then pick up a free Grow Your Own Garnish kit at participating bars. Take it home, look after it, and in about a month you’ll have a home-grown garnish. (Psst! Be quick – we’re only giving away a limited number of kits!) Not green-fingered? Don’t worry: mint is a hardy herb, and the Lowlander GYO kit makes growing it really easy (we’ve explained it step by step in the tips below). 


You’ve worked hard, putting TLC into growing your garnish from scratch – now you’ve got the mint, the drink is on us. While you wait for those first shoots to appear, register for a complimentary lightly alcohol Lowlander Beer by typing your details into the form on this page. When you’re ready to garnish, we’ll email you a voucher. Take your mint and your voucher back to one of the participating bars to enjoy a botanically brewed 2,5% abv Lowlander on us.

Grow, pour, garnish and enjoy!

Pick up kit


Want to get growing? Then pick up a free Grow Your Own Garnish kit at participating bars. Take it home, look after it, and in about a month you’ll have a home-grown garnish. Psst! Be quick – we’re only giving away a limited number of kits!

  • Alderley Edge

    The Botanist

  • Amersfoort

    Hete Kolen

  • Amsterdam

    The Maker Store
    Bar Baarsch
    Cafe De Ebeling
    Cafe Vrijdag
    Gollem Aan Het Water
    Hotel Buiten
    Il Cafe
    Jacketz Kinkerstraat
    Oslo Beers
    Tap Zuid

  • Bath

    The Botanist

  • Berg-op-Zoom

    Villa Heidetuin

  • Birmingham

    The Botanist
    The Canal House

  • Breda

    De Botanist

  • Cheltenham

    The Botanist

  • Chester

    The Botanist

  • Coventry

    The Botanist

  • Ede


  • Eindhoven

    Soul Kitchen

  • Farnham

    The Botanist

  • Groningen

    Mr. Mofongo

  • Haarlem

    Wapen van Kennemerland

  • Ijmuiden

    Paviljoen Zeezicht

  • Knutsford

    The Botanist

  • Leeds

    The Botanist

  • Liverpool

    The Club House
    The Smugglers Cove

  • Maastricht


  • Manchester

    The Botanist
    The Botanist Deansgate
    The Oast House

  • Marlow

    The Botanist

  • Newcastle

    The Botanist

  • Nottingham

    The Botanist

  • Online

    Lowlander Botanical Beers webshop (NL only).

  • Reading

    The Botanist

  • Rotterdam


  • Salford

    The Botanist

  • Sheffield

    The Botanist

  • Tilburg

    Cafe Bakker

  • Utrecht


  • Veenendaal

    Robert’s Pub

  • York

    The Botanist

  • Zutphen


  • Zwolle

    Cafe Foye


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I didn’t get to a bar in time – can I still get my hands on a Lowlander Grow Your Own Garnish kit?
Yes! For residents of The Lowlands: a limited number of extra kits are available from our webshop. Living in the UK? Get in touch through

Where do the grow kits come from?
They are supplied by, a seed specialist with a knack for making creative growing products. Their grow bags are hand-made in a small workshop in India by people who are fairly paid and fairly treated, using recycled tea bags that would be otherwise burnt or sent to landfill.

Are the kits organic?
Yes, the mint seeds are organic. All Baza products have EKO, BIO, SKAL and AB certification. Visit for more information.

Do I need any gardening equipment?
No, your grow bag contains the mint seeds and enough specially treated soil in which to grow them. What’s more, the inside of each grow bag is waterproofed, so you can put it directly on your windowsill without the need for a drip tray. Just add water (see our growing tips for more information).

Help! My seeds aren’t growing – can you help?
Take a look at our tips for great growing for help and information on getting the best out of your seeds. Followed all steps but nothing’s growing? Let us know by sending an email to

Do I need to add plant food to my grow kit?
No, the specially cultivated soil contains slow-releasing plant food that will feed your garnish for the first four weeks.

Can I reuse the grow bag to grow something else?
Yes! The grow bag is made from durable, waterproof material, and it can be used again and again once you’ve repotted your mint. Next time, just remember to add plant food to the soil when you plant your seeds (or buy specially treated compost containing slow-releasing plant food). Not sure what to grow next? Try growing chilli peppers, easy-to-grow herbs such as basil, or even cherry tomatoes from seed. Or use the bag as a pen holder on your desk :-).

Why would I add garnish to a beer?
A garnish is considered the “finishing touch” in the drinks industry. It does not only provide a pretty looking drinks, it often serves to enhance the aromas and flavours of what you’re drinking. A common misconception is that beer never gets garnished, think of Corona, Radler or Shandy. Forget the lemonade or added sugar: with our lightly alcohol Lowlander beers we offer you the premium alternative for any beer-with-garnish moment: fully botanically brewed beers, bursting with natural flavours.

Is this beer with a garnish a new kind of Lowlander Beer?
At Lowlander we brew with botanicals to create unique drinks full of both flavour and character. While traditionally brewers just think malt, hops, water and yeast, a beer at Lowlander starts with peeling dozens of oranges, cooking spices, extracting bags full of herbs, making teas and tinctures. We use a variety of ways to get the best amount of both flavour and aroma into our beers because we believe beer tastes better when prepared with natural, botanicals ingredients.

Our 2,5% abv range casts herbs, spices and real fruit in a true starring role. We take the finest ingredients like ginger, yuzu, kaffir lime leaves and grapefruit and infuse these with natural teas and beer, to create a refreshing, lightly alcoholic (2.5% ABV) yet full flavoured drink.

I don’t like mint but I DO like Lowlander’s lightly alcoholic beers! What other garnishes do you recommend?
We hear ya! Try serving our Ginger & Kaffir Lime in a glass with a wedge of lime and an aromatic lemongrass stalk. Or stick a sprig of thyme into your Yuzu & Grapefruit, then hook a slice of grapefruit over the side of the glass.

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  • Tip the soil into the tea bag.
  • Sow 4-5 seeds, just a few millimeters under top soil.
  • Water the seeds using a spray bottle to prevent the seeds from being pushed too far into the soil.
  • Cover the top of the grow bag with cling film and place your Grow Your Own kit in a bright, warm place (not in full sunlight though).
  • Wait, spritzing regularly, to keep the soil moderately moist.
  • When the seeds have germinated, remove the cling film and keep on spritzing regularly.
  • After three or four weeks, you can separate the mint plants into different pots and grow even more mint.