How our Cool Earth Lager supports the Dutch Seagrass Restoration Project

A beer that fights climate change. How does that work, exactly? When it comes to our Cool Earth Lager, we add a plant to the seagrass meadow for every can we sell to support the Dutch Seagrass Restoration Project. That’s a partnership we are very proud of. And if you ask us, a project with such a powerful purpose and story needs to be told. Like to find out how our worlds came together? We’ll tell you all about it – from how it all began to where we are standing now.

From brewing with botanicals to giving back to nature

As a botanical brewer with roots in The Netherlands, it is our founding belief that a little bit of Dutch ingenuity combined with the power of nature creates limitless possibilities. At the same time, we are very much aware of the fact that we should never take nature’s beauty and benefits for granted. As much as we love adding natural flavours to our beers, it feels just as natural to give back to the planet too. So when we decided to brew our very first lager, we wanted to create an opportunity to fight climate change – simply by drinking beer. The big question was: how?

The Seagrass Restoration Project

Even though our ambition was clear, we were still looking for the perfect partner to share our mission with. As ‘Lowlanders’, we are constantly inspired by the ancient stories of the true Lowlanders and their pioneering travels all over the world. But this time we got inspired by a project much closer to home. A little research led us to marine ecologist dr. Laura Grave, who happened to run a research of her own – right in the middle of the Dutch Wadden Sea. With the Seagrass Restoration Project called Sleutelen aan zeegrasherstel’ (2018-2022) led by ‘Natuurmonumenten’ and The Fieldwork Company, Laura is taking impressive steps to increase the growth of the Dutch seagrass meadow in collaboration with the University of Groningen. 

Seagrass can be considered a natural climate buffer. It captures carbon 35 times more efficiently than a tropical rainforest. The efficiency of seagrass as a so-called “blue carbon” sink is mainly due to the fact that carbon is stored in the soil; storing the carbon for much longer than forests, where the carbon is mainly stored in trees (above-ground). Depending on the species and location, carbon can be stored in seagrass beds for 10 to thousands of years. Now that’s what we like to call a powerful ally against climate change! However, seagrass meadows have been shrinking for years now. Our own Dutch Wadden Sea used to have one of the biggest seagrass meadows in Europe while those meadows disappeared faster than anywhere else. Between 1930-1935, barely anything was left of the 150 km2 Wadden Sea floor that was once covered with sea grass. For your imagination, that’s the same size as 22,500 football fields.

The seed was planted…

We were triggered and eager to learn more, so we visited Laura and her team right where the magic happens. We got to see how new seagrass seeds were being injected into the Wadden Sea floor and we were in awe of the team’s passion while talking about the project. After finding out that we share the same vision in terms of taking care of the planet ánd enjoying naturally delicious flavours, we knew for sure. We had to get involved. To support the growth of the seagrass meadow, we wanted to link our Cool Earth Lager to Laura’s research. And so we made a commitment: for every (0.3%) Cool Earth Lager you drink, we add another plant to the seagrass meadow – making this beer one that actively fights climate change. And that’s thanks to you too! Because you get to contribute with every sip of Cool Earth Lager you take. One seagrass plant alone captures about 25 kg of carbon? This offsets the carbon footprint of one can of Cool Earth Lager 50 times over. You buy, we give back – and together we can make a change. 

So here’s to Laura and her team for doing an amazing job day in, day out. And to you, for making a positive impact with us! 

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We are on a mission to become Nature Positive by 2030. Read all about it here.
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