Whether you have a hangover or just like its taste: ginger is your best friend.

The tropical ginger plant rarely blooms and might not look like much, though its root is one of the world’s oldest spices. It is said Confucius already used ginger to spice up his food, he believed the daily use of this tropical plant guaranteed a long life.

Everything good is found in ginger

Ginger has always been an important part of ancient Chinese medicine and arrived in Europe on the earliest trading routes. It is anti-inflammatory & anti-oxidant, helps decrease nausea and has been has been valued as a digestive aid since the Middle Ages.

‘The smell of ginger restores devastated yang’ the Chinese say. In their classical medicine, divided into “cool” and “warm” elements, ginger naturally belongs to the warm, hence it makes the perfect ingredient for a warming Winter Ale.

Intense warmth

The flavour of ginger is tremendously influenced by how the plant is grown, harvested and stored and can vary from mild and citrusy to sharp and spicy. In our Winter Ale we use fresh ginger root for that rich and intense warming flavour.

Let’s keep out the cold with the warming sensation of ginger in our Winter Ale.