The “kopstoot”, or “head butt” in English is the most sophisticated way of enjoying a shot with a beer. This centuries old Dutch tradition goes like this: the bartender fills a tulip-shaped shot glass to the absolute brim with genever and pours a beer next to it. Then you bend over and slurp the top off the genever. That done, you follow with a sip of beer. We have started to create a modern interpretation of this traditional ritual, the kopstoot 2.0 – combining the finest genevers with the best of Lowlander craft beer.

Lowlander IPA Genever

In the 17th century, when ships full of exotic herbs docked in the Amsterdam harbour, the Dutch started to distil liqueurs and genever at a large-scale. This is also an important part of Dutch brewing history: the “Lowlanders”started to brew beers with botanicals.

So it is not surprising that we at Lowlander Beer joined hands last year with Wynand Fockink, the oldest, working liqueur and genever distillery in the Netherlands. The result is a unique I.P.A. genever; to our knowledge the very first ever made!

You can still taste the Lowlander IPA Genever, served with a Lowlander IPA on the side of course, at the hundreds of years old Wynand Fockink tasting tavern, in the heart of Amsterdam. Feel like a White Ale or Poorter? No worries, check out these proven combinations.

Kopstoot with Lowlander White Ale & jonge jenever

Lowlander White Ale
White ale is a beer style typical to the lowlands. This one has an intriguing twist by brewing it with curacao orange, chamomile, and elderflower for a refreshing, crisp beer with a fruity & flowery finish.

Jonge jenever
A traditional mild and refreshing jonge genever. “jonge” or young doesn’t say anything about the age of the genever but about the style being relatively light in maltwine. Together with the maltwine this genever is distilled with herbs like star aniseed, coriander and juniper berry.

The botanicals in the beer and genever really work well together in this beer pairing, combining the refreshing citrus notes of both. Proost!

Kopstoot Lowlander Beer White Ale and Jonge Jenever

Kopstoot with Lowlander I.P.A. & spelt jenever

Lowlander I.P.A.
An ‘Indonesian’ pale ale, inspired by the expeditions of the Lowlanders to the east. Brewed with coriander and white tea for a citrusy, fruity and bitter taste with a refreshing lingering spice finish.

Spelt jenever
A matured aged genever prepared with 100% maltwine which has been distilled from spelt and barley. Spelt is also known as primal-wheat and gives this genever its strong, earthly and full bodied flavours.

The refreshing citrus and exotic bitterness of the Lowlander I.P.A. complements the powerful and earthy notes of the spelt jenever.

Kopstoot Lowlander Beer I.P.A. and spelt Jenever

Kopstoot with Lowlander Poorter & rye jenever

Lowlander Poorter
Robust intenseness as you would expect from a porter. Brewed with vanilla & liqourice root for extra sweetness & depth. This beer is a tribute to the “poorters” who hauled exotic botanicals from the dockside into the canal warehouses.

Rye jenever
A powerful aged genever prepared with 100% maltwine which had been distilled from rye and barley. Rye is an old type of grain and gives this genever a pure, well-balanced but slightly sweet and caramel flavour.


The full malty base of rye genever is the perfect match for the robust and full flavour of coffee, caramel and licorice of the Lowlander Poorter.

Kopstoot Lowlander Beer Poorter and Rye Jenever

Wynand Fockink Proeflokaal

If you ask us Proeflokaal Wynand Fockink is the best place in Amsterdam to sample a glass of jenever, or try one of our Lowlander Beer kopstoot combo’s. It seems like time stood still in their tasting room and you will smell the spices, herbs and malt as soon as you step in.