Press release – What to do with your Christmas tree after the Holidays? Eat and drink it!

Amsterdam, December 2020 – Throwing out your Christmas tree after the Holidays? That’s not an option if you ask botanical brewer Lowlander. After brewing their Winter I.P.A. with spruce needles collected from wasted Christmas trees, the Dutch beer brand now calls on everyone to start cooking with them instead of throwing them away. As of today you can order the Lowlander Tree to Table kit, including a bunch of tips, tools, recipes and botanical beers to turn your very own Christmas tree into a delicious four-course dinner. A true treat on the plate ánd in the glass.


Every year in The Netherlands alone, people buy and throw away 2,500.000 real Christmas trees. Most of them either end up in shredders or incinerators as soon as the Holidays are over. A serious waste that should be prevented, since the trees are full of flavourful resources. Chief Botanical Officer at Lowlander Frederik Kampman: “At Lowlander we brew beer with botanicals. Thanks to our experience with fresh herbs, fruits and spices, we knew Spruce tips and needles have subtle citrus tones and a warm, Wintery fragrance. Not only making them an incredibly versatile addition to beer, but to dishes too. For example, the needles are great for smoking salmon and for making pesto to go with pasta. By eating and drinking them, these valuable resources can still be enjoyed.”

Lowlander Tree to Table kit


It’s clear that consuming your Christmas tree is a much better alternative than throwing it away. But to actually get everyone cooking up their Christmas tree, a great amount of inspiration is needed. The Lowlander Tree to Table kit will guide you through. Kampman: “We developed surprising recipes for a festive four-course dinner in which your Christmas tree will play the leading role. From Celeriac Steak Wellington with Spruce Hollandaise to Eton Mess Trifle with Spruce Confiture. All perfectly paired with our botanical beers that come with it. As an extra, you’ll also receive all the ingredients to make your own botanical Spruce infused gin!” All the preparatory work is done by Lowlander too: from mentioning the edible tree species to a handy how-to to get your Christmas tree ready for use. All while enjoying their playlist with matching music.


Lowlander’s ambition to fight single use Christmas trees has been going on for a couple of years now. In 2018 Lowlander first started encouraging people to not throw away their Christmas trees, but to donate them to the brewer to make a beer out of them instead. It soon became clear that the problem was much bigger than recycling. Together with Erwin & Kyra from ‘Adopt-A-Christmas-Tree’ Lowlander has the ambition to replace all 2,500.000 single use Christmas trees with organic, sustainable adoptive alternatives. That’s how the Lowlander Christmas tree forest came about. For the first time the Winter I.P.A., which can also be found in the Lowlander Tree to Table kit, is brewed from natural pruning waste from the Christmas trees planted by Lowlander themselves earlier this year.

The Lowlander Tree to Table kit is now available via the Lowlander webshop for €37,50 incl. shipping. The kit contains 8 Lowlander beers, two Lowlander glasses, Lowlander botanicals, a DIY Christmas tree gin and a guide with recipes for a four-course dinner for two. Also non-alcoholic available.