Press release – Botanical brewer Lowlander seizes Earth Day to raise awareness about the global seagrass shortage. Every 10 seconds, 40 m2 of seagrass are lost, while seagrass is such an important ally against climate change: it captures CO2 35 times faster than a tropical rainforest. With Lowlander’s Cool Earth Lager you contribute to the growth of the Dutch seagrass meadows. For every can you drink, the botanical brewer adds a plant to the Dutch Wadden Sea. During a unique pop-up on Earth Day, you get to learn everything about the power of seagrass while enjoying a botanically brewed Cool Earth Lager. The Lowlander pop-up takes place on Friday, April 22 2022 from 13.00 – 18.00 at the Museum Square.

1 beer = 1 seagrass plant

On Earth Day, Lowlander not only campaigns to indicate the problem behind the seagrass shortage, but also to draw attention to the potential of the small plant. Lowlanders “Chief Botanical Officer” Frederik Kampman explains: “At Lowlander we have brewed a Cool Earth Lager that not only tastes good – but does good too. For every can you drink, we plant a seagrass plant back in the Dutch Wadden Sea. That way you get to make immediate impact in an incredibly easy and flavourful way.” The planting of seagrass is of great importance for the climate. It helps to reduce CO2 emissions, it protects marine fauna and it fights global warming.

The Dutch Seagrass Foundation

To support the growth of the Dutch seagrass meadows, Lowlander has linked the Cool Earth Lager to the Dutch Seagrass Foundation. This project in the middle of the Wadden Sea is run by marine ecologist Dr Laura Govers, in collaboration with Natuurmonumenten and The Fieldwork Company. The aim is to plant 100,000 seagrass plants in 2022, so that the population can be increased to 500,000. The ultimate goal is to restore about 300 hectares of seagrass beds over the next 10 years. The Seagrass Foundation team will also be present during the Lowlander pop-up on Earth Day.

About Cool Earth Lager

Lowlander’s Cool Earth Lager (4,0%) is brewed in the classical pilsner style, which means it’s clean and crisp with a refreshing, hoppy flavour. Lowlander brews the beer with lemongrass, giving the beer its unmistakably aromatic and refreshing notes. The lager is unfiltered, which makes the beer extremely soft and full in flavour. Besides, it is also gluten free. Next to the 4,0% version, there is also a 0,3% version available, for a non-alcoholic lager that’s just as flavourful.

You can visit the Lowlander pop-up this Friday, April 22 2022 from 13.00 – 18.00 at Ten Good Food Café at the Museum Square in Amsterdam.