Much like our fearless explorer Barentsz, the courageous Curacao orange braved rough seas as well as unwelcoming temperatures before it came into existence. After such a journey we though the least we could do was follow the journey of the sharp citrus fruit that adds a kick to our refreshing White Ale. Back in the 15th century the Curacao orange began its journey as the more well-known sweet Valencian orange, brought over from China by the Spanish Crusaders. The Spaniards, now Colonialists, transplanted the juicy gems to the Southern Carribean island of Curacao. Quite the voyage! It’s trouble didn’t end there though. The hot, dry Curacao climate was not welcoming to say the least. Taking a leaf from Barentsz’s book, the orange worked with this challenging environment rather than against it. The Curacao orange’s evolved its DNA structure into its current bitter guise (from Citrus sinensis to Citrus aurentium…Yawn.). As a result of this transformation, the citrus never ripens to the standard orange colour and remains it’s curious shade of green.

The long journey was well worth it. The Curacao orange’s crisp fresh note lifts our White Ale’s balanced blend of chamomile and elderflower to perfect refreshing drink status. We use the dried green peel as the flesh is inedible- even the goats of Curacao find the fruit so offensively bitter that they leave it to grow wild. Though it may turn a goat’s stomach, the Curacao orange is known to help with a funny tummy- not that we need another excuse to drink our revitalizing White Ale.