Press release – It is now known that botanical brewer Lowlander has a unique view on sustainability. This year, for the fourth year in a row, the brand is launching its Winter I.P.A., a beer brewed with reclaimed spruce needles from discarded Christmas trees. This year, Lowlander is taking it one step further through a unique collaboration with four renowned top chefs. Joris Bijdendijk (RIJKS), Samuel Levie (Brandt & Levie, Food Cabinet), Rudolf Brand (CIRCL) and René van der Weijden (Hemel & Aarde), together with the Bar Bistro Bureau team, will put together a special menu using the Christmas tree as their main ingredient. This exclusive 5-course menu will be served on Saturday, December 11th at Bar Bistro Bureau in Amsterdam, in order to make the Lowlands more aware of the countless possibilities to reuse natural products (such as Christmas trees).



No waste policy

In addition to Joris Bijdendijk (RIJKS, Amsterdam) and Samuel Levie (Brandt & Levie, Food Cabinet), Rudolf Brand (CIRCL, Amsterdam) and René van der Weijden (Hemel & Aarde, Utrecht) have also committed themselves to this special plan. Van der Weijden explains: “Lowlander’s idea fits perfectly with the ‘no waste policy’ that we pursue at Hemel & Aarde. A discarded Christmas tree is a residual product that is normally thrown away. We are going to show you that you can transform such a tree into something very tasty!” Samuel Levie feels the same way: “Until a few years ago I had no idea that spruce needles could work in the kitchen so well. We are already creating a holiday kombucha with pine needles and I am looking forward to start cooking with it too.” The actual menu remains a surprise, but the chefs already have the most wild ideas. Rudolf Brand thinks of a crumble or spruce-marinated raw fish, Samuel Levie fantasizes about a boudin blanc with ceps and a spruce-infused gravy, and René van der Weijden thinks of a dessert of pear stewed in spruce syrup and salted caramel of rosemary, lightly smoked on spruce needles. Joris Bijdendijk is keeping his cards to himself for the time being, but guarantees “that it will be something very special and vegetarian options will also be considered”.


From tree to table

Lowlanders Chief Botanical Officer Frederik Kampman is pleased with the enthusiasm among the four top chefs. He explains: “As a botanical brewer, botanicals such as herbs, spices and fruit are always the seasoning of our beers. A few years ago, the idea arose to create a Winter I.P.A. brewed with spruce needles. and it was a great success. No wonder we decided to draw attention to eating the Christmas tree too. And who can bring this idea to life than n four of the ‘ most creative chefs in the Lowlands? We’re incredibly proud to be working with them. Now let’s hope we can inspire others to start eating and drinking their Christmas trees instead of throwing them out.””


Want to taste the 5-course menu yourself?

You can! On Saturday, December 11th, the chefs’ dishes will be served in an exclusive 5-course menu at Bar Bistro Bureau in Amsterdam. Tickets cost 75 euros, which includes a Lowlander beer pairing and beertail in advance. After the unique dinner, the tables are pushed aside and you can dance to the tunes of the DJ until midnight.


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