You might have done a double-take last time you walked into a Lowlander bar. It’s not your eyes – our labels have indeed shrunk slightly. Why? Perhaps ironically, it’s because we’re growing.

When we first launched Lowlander Beer, I wanted our range to stand out on the shelves, something I learned while working in gin. At more than €25 a pop as a gin distiller you want the design of your bottle to be as good as the liquid which is inside. So when launching Lowlander I was convinced our labels, with their unique, travel-inspired designs, should reflect the quality of the beer inside. In order to make space for the potted story behind each label’s illustration and all the boring legal info, I opted to use oversized labels on our 330ml bottles, which are usually found on 75cl bottles.

Lowlander Botanical Beer Range

Our label designs, many featuring the wild animals key to the story behind the beer, definitely got Lowlander noticed, and have won awards in their own right. The only sticking point was… an issue we had with the labels not sticking: all too often monkeys, bears and other exotic animals would escape from the bottles – and nobody wants to have to deal with that.

So recently, as we try to keep pace with the growth of Lowlander, we have started brewing botanically with a new partner brewery in the Lowlands – and at the same time we’ve decided to standardise our label size.

What’s inside the bottle won’t change – but from now on, the Lowlander range will just get better. We’ve got big plans, and by moving production across the Lowlands to De Proefbrouwerij  we can maintain the high standards for which Lowlander is known while continuing to explore the world of botanical brewing and grow our brand.

We’ve already started innovating with the launch of our range of cans; next on the list is a Lowlander lager and an alcohol-free botanical beer, plus a forthcoming seasonal release that has ‘summer hit’ written all over it. As fellow Lowlanders, our friends at the Proefbrouwerij understand and fully support our mission of broadening the horizons of beer by brewing with botanicals. What’s more – as they’ve already proved with Mikkeler and To Øl – they know how to innovate with unusual ingredients and brew top-quality beer.

So, in the spirit of the original Dutch explorers, here’s to new horizons. Trust us, you won’t miss those extra millimetres ;)


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