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Lowlander Beer Hortus Botanicus Proeverij
Botanische Lowlander Beer proeverij in Hortus Botanicus
20 March 2018

Op 19 april neemt Lowlander Beer je mee in de wereld van botanisch brouwen tijdens een bijzondere“Op Tafel” proeverij in de…

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Lowlander Beer Botanical Brew Kitchen Restaurant
Restaurant dream – Botanical Brew Kitchen
23 December 2017

So here we want to share one of our dreams with you. Based on our experience with hosting intimate dinners and the…

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Food Is Better With Beer
11 December 2017

The Lowlander approach to beer pairing is simple: beer is even better with food, and food is even better with beer….

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Lowlander Winter Ale Stew
Speculaas Spiced Winter Ale Stew
14 November 2017

This time of year, few things are as satisfying as a rich, hearty stew. In our stew recipe we have reinforced…

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Lowlander Winter Ale Christmas Ham
Botanical- and Beer Glazed Christmas Ham
13 November 2017

The subtle sweetness of our Winter Ale compliments pork very well, bringing out the savoury flavour of the meat. For interesting complexity…

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Lowlander Winter Ale risotto recipe
Winter Ale & Mushroom Risotto
13 November 2017

Certain recipes lend themselves so well to beer that you cannot imagine why you hadn’t been cooking it that way forever….

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Lowlander Botanical Brew Bar tourt door het land
30 August 2017

Grote kans dat je deze zomer de Lowlander Botanical Brew Bar tegenkomt. Deze mobiele bar serveert smaakvol, botanisch gebrouwen bier op…

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Lowlander Beer dekt de keukentafel in bijzondere bewoonde kas voor uniek botanisch diner
3 August 2017

Dineren in een bewoonde kas aan de keukentafel van een botanisch styliste; hoe botanisch en intiem wil je het hebben? Lowlander…

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Lowlander diner - Jasper Udink ten Cate
Botanisch Diner in de tuin van Het Smaakmuseum met chef Jasper Udink ten Cate
20 July 2017

De door Lowlander gelanceerde serie van botanische diners start begin augustus in de tuin van Het Smaakmuseum. Creative Chef Jasper Udink…

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Lowlander Botanical Dinner Series
Lowlander Beer Launches International Botanical Dinner Series
12 July 2017

Lowlander is embarking on a travelling Botanical Dinner Series across the Netherlands, United Kingdom and beyond, to open the minds (and…

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