There is no other spice as peculiar as the queen of all spices; cardamom. Which other spice has the ability to make plain ice cream taste royal?

Cardamom is not a subtle flavour and hard to describe. It isspecial spice with a warm, sweet undertone and a unique, fresh taste. Sharply sweet, a bit like eucalyptus, but less ethereal. The smell and taste also have hints of lemon. Its scent is very fresh, aromatic with a someorangeand almost reminds of perfume.

Yes, it is the third most expensive spice coming in after saffron and vanilla, but there’s good reason that this India-born spice is regarded as the queen of all spices. Cardamom is versatile andfit for a royal in everything from dessert and beverages to main courses.


Cardamoms unique aroma completely transforms any dish and may dominate whatever it’s paired with. It has to be used properly, in the right combination. When used accordingly, it elevates sweet and savorydishes, adding complex layers of flavour. Cardamoms minty nature opens up the taste palate while its floral notes adds sweetness, finishing with a note of herbal tartness.


In our Ginger & Kaffir Lime we have crushed the green cardamom pods and cold brewed it to give our Infusion its sharp, perfume-like notes. This warming (and refreshing at the same time) spice complements the ginger, making it a drink fit for a royal, that’s you ;-).

Curious? Give it a try!

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