Lowlander is embarking on a travelling Botanical Dinner Series across the Netherlands, United Kingdom and beyond, to open the minds (and palate) of like-minded explorers. With this unique dining experience we celebrate the versatility of botanicals.

Lowlander Botanical Dinner

Lowlander Botanical Dinner Series

As the summer gets into full bloom, we’re celebrating the versatility of plants, herbs & spices and casting natural ingredients in a starring role as we orchestrate a series of dinners based around the theme of botanicals.

The atmosphere is cosy and candlelit, the hosts are friendly and knowledgeable; it’s about having a good time in places that are unique and a little unusual. From Amsterdam’s botanical gardens to literally at the kitchen table of an (applauded by New York Times) inhabited greenhouse. From the edible gardens of the Taste Museum in the Dutch countryside to world-renowned emporium Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh, we are constantly seeking out a novel place to commune and expand our horizons.

For each location we team up with local partners to bring people together around a communal table, with delicious food and beer. Our focus is on quality, seasonal ingredients and simple cooking. A dinner ticket includes four courses cooked with botanicals, which fuse together food and beer. Each recipe showcases Lowlander’s unique botanicals, flavours and stories; guided by a Lowlander Ambassador

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