Press release – Botanical brewer Lowlander is launching a special winter beer this autumn once again. The Lowlander Winter I.P.A. is brewed with reclaimed spruce needles sourced from Christmas trees. The hand-picked and preserved needles give the Winter I.P.A. aromas that’ll remind you of a wintery walk in nature. The beer has a hoppy citrus character, is surprisingly refreshing and brightens up the dark days to come. 


From Waste to Taste

Every year, Lowlander reminds Dutch people to be more aware of nature’s beauty. Dealing consciously with your Christmas tree after the holidays and not just throwing it away is one of many examples. With the Winter I.P.A. Chief Botanical Officer Frederik Kampman draws attention to the large amount of Christmas trees ending up in the shredder or incinerator every year. He explains: “Every year, around 2.5 million real Christmas trees are discarded in the Netherlands. And that’s a shame, because you can still do a lot with the flavourful needles. It’s our goal to create the most naturally delicious flavours for every beer with the help of botanicals. Experimenting with such a versatile ingredient as spruce needles, we managed to capture the taste of winter in a bottle. We think it’s so important to look at our natural residual flows from a different perspective and give them a beautiful and valuable destination instead.”


Fresh and fruity

This year, Lowlander recycles a residual flow of tips and needles from Christmas trees, and adds them to the brewing process of the Winter I.P.A.. The tips and needles are picked by hand and then preserved. Together with juniper berries, the botanicals form the base for a fresh and fruity Winter I.P.A. with 5% alcohol. Thanks to its special winter aromas, the beer compliments the taste of roasted vegetables and grilled poultry and goes well with a winter dish such as a spicy, gently cooked ragout with carrot and pappardelle. Both recipes and a recipe for a surprisingly tasty beertail can be found here.