Beer to genever: together with Wynand Fockink we have launched the world’s first IPA genever!

In the 17th century, when ships full of exotic herbs docked in the Amsterdam harbour, the Dutch started to distil liqueurs and genever at a large-scale. This is also an important part of Dutch brewing history: the “Lowlanders”started to brew beers with botanicals.

So it is not surprising that Lowlander Beer, with our botanically brewed beers joins hands with Wynand Fockink, the oldest, working liqueur and genever distillery in the Netherlands. The result is a unique I.P.A. genever; to our knowledge the very first ever made.

Lowlander Beer IPA Genever

Lowlander’s I.P.A. is a smooth 6% I.P.A. with fruity citrus notes and a perfect balance between hops and herbs. Brewed with coriander seed – for fresh citrus and spice – and white tea – for aromatic sweetness and a fine aftertaste. The beer is distilled into a refined, clear 38% genever with a fresh, hoppy and slightly bitter aroma, after which it is blended with a distilled malt base of wheat and juniper.

The result? A limited edition I.P.A. genever with a floral, slightly citrus-like and subtly sweet taste, but also clear notes of malt, hops and juniper. Quite a special flavour experience next to a glass of Lowlander I.P.A .; the genever and beer reinforce each other and complement each other perfectly.

How To Distill Genever From Beer

Curious to see how Wynand Fockink distilled this unique genever from our IPA? Check out this video!

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