Press release – The proof is in the pudding: beer adds lasting culinary value. Combine beer and food like a real chef or beer sommelier, thanks to Lowlanders beer & food pairing platform. Which beer will be on your dinner table tonight?

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Amsterdam, August 2020 – From trend to keeper: beer adds lasting culinary value. The (Michelin) chefs and sommeliers know, but also the critical drinker; 79% of millennials are interested in beer & food pairing *. Lowlander Botanical Beers – the brewer that has hosted successful food pairing dinners since 2016 – has now collected their knowledge and inspiration on a beer & food pairing platform. With recipes, tips, downloads and the Lowlander Beer & Food Navigator you can discover and create the most tasty combinations yourself. Or visit one of their pop-up dinners to get a taste.

Beer: a wide spectrum of taste, aroma and texture

We all know wine with food. But there is another player in the food pairing game: beer. While wine mainly has to rely on one ingredient (the grape), the combination of the four basic ingredients of beer alone offer an interesting and wide spectrum of taste, aroma and texture. Sommeliers and (Michelin) chefs also know that; De Librije has had a beer menu for years and the sommelier at The Jane knows as much about beer as he does about wine.

But don’t underestimate us, educated drinkers, either: 63% think beer is a better food match than wine **, according to the over 2000 guests of Lowlander Botanical Beers’ successful pop-up dinners. In addition to the four basic ingredients of beer (malt, water, hops and yeast), the botanical brewer brews with herbs, spices and fruit. Just about everything taste nature has to offer is explored – from citrus peels and tea to spruce needles – which provides even more variety in taste and character. Getting thirsty (and hungry) yet?


Chefs and guests know that Lowlander’s taste exploration goes beyond beer: since 2016 Lowlander regularly hosts special beer & food pairing pop-up dinners called Botanical Brewkitchen. And for every new beer, the brewer – with or without chefs – dives into the kitchen for a matching recipe. Lowlander has now collected all their knowledge, recipes and inspiration on a real beer & food pairing platform, including free downloads and the Lowlander Beer & Food Navigator; a taste wheel that shows you the way to perfect pairing.


taste more?

Get into the kitchen to explore the wonderful world of beer & food pairing. Or join the Botanical Brewktichen table: from August, Lowlander will join forces with various chefs and restaurants for a unique series of pop-up dinners. From a “Wood, Fire & Taste” edition in Utrecht, to 4-course fine dining at Restaurant C. in Amsterdam and from a Guilty Sunday Roast at FIG Food & Gym to a walking dinner by Naturalis; there is enough to explore and taste. All dates, locations and ticket links can be found on the website.

*Kantar 2019
** Survey 2000 guests of Lowlander Botanical Brewkitchen