Since the Netherlands or ‘Low Lands’ is a land below sea level, we Dutch grow up with a healthy respect for nature. It’s a question of balance: like finding just the right combination of botanicals – or herbs, spices and fruit – to brew uniquely refreshing drinks. And so it is with the natural world: when more is taken out than is given back, the balance needs to be restored. Which is why Lowlander is championing the global goal for nature, working towards a Nature Positive impact by 2030.

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A beer at Lowlander starts with peeling fresh fruit, picking flowers or berries and sometimes extracting bags full of herbs and spices, by simmering them to make infusions. The result is a more interesting beer, with a depth of well-balanced natural flavours.

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New in Amsterdam-Noord: Lowlander Botanical Bar & Restaurant, our new home of botanical-brewing and plant-led food. Our menu is centered on providing fresh takes on familiar classics, think of creative sharing plates, zesty salads and hearty soups, delicious sweet things and your favourite borrel snacks, but then with a twist. Plus we have a creative list of botanically brewed beers (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), sodas, fresh teas and juices and botanical cocktails. Open Wednesday until Sunday for lunch, borrel, drinks & dinner from 12pm until late.

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